Alexander Hauling is a family owned dump truck business serving Central Ohio since 1995.  We specialize in delivering materials to residential areas because our trucks are smaller and lighter than most commercial type dump trucks.

Our trucks can deliver from 1 to 13 tons of sand, gravel, and limestone products, and from 1 to 13 yards of topsoil, Comtil, and mulch products. 

Before calling, it is very helpful if you have the measurements of the area you are trying to cover if you don't already know the quantity you need.  We don't normally do on-site estimates except for very large jobs.  So, get your measurements together and give us a call for your price quote!

We also have several bobcats available for cutting out paver patios, driveway extensions, and material transfer.

                               Alexander Hauling  (614) 491-5460

                                     Email:  tealtrucks@aol.com